Studio Practice: Margins and marginalisation 15. Group Crit

MA2 Studio practice.

Margins and marginalisation: Art and the black perspective.


Developing my practice.

I had recently developed my practice by using paints, and in this set myself a task to complete the next set of works using paints. This exploration of connections is a side move from the marginalised theme and thought about the women of colour who inspire me. as Fanny Eaton inspired the pre Rahaelite artists back in the Victorian era.

In the last three months, I’ve worked on aspects of my professional plan, which included developing two group exhibitions, including one in Doha, Qatar and the other in London, England.  I’ve finally been able to organise myself to be a part of a portrait exhibition in London.

The digital poster using my image called ‘Loulou’ for the Brick Lane Gallery, London


In this exhibition, a few things come to mind.

Exploring layers and the physical relationship of the work.

I used the images from the ‘I am..’ studies and these newer painted pieces that I call ‘Modern muse’. I want to explore the relationship with all of these works. I had a plan to exhibit my images. All were on raw canvases with a black background. Six of them were drawn in pen and were from the ‘I am…’. These felt unrefined and raw with the grid lines clearly seen. The other four images are painted with either oils or acrylic. These are the ‘Modern Muse’ work. The black background can be seen on the outskirts but are not an integral part of the work. The grid lines are missing, as the background are painted over.


Exhibited work
Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 21.34.31
Exhibition plan


The relationship with all of the pieces.

I sent a plan of the work, as requested by the gallery, honestly, I thought less of the symmetry of the work, but of the two themes being separated. However, as seen in the picture, this plan was not used. Only eight images were exhibited.  Were my images too close together? Did I measure it incorrectly? What did the curator think of other work and why they were not exhibited?

I wanted to think about the relationship between the images, and how they engage with the viewer. This is something that I will need to think about when I exhibit my work in the future.

For my final studies on this theme of margins and marginalisation, I would like to combine the two styles, the realistic paintings and the layering style seen in the drawings.

I’ll try it this in our making day, on Saturday 6th April.

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