Tutorial- Exploring historical evidence.

MA2 Studio practice Margins and Marginalisation 03.04.19 My tutorial with Clare Stanhope provided insight into the theme of the audience again, especially in light of exhibiting my work. I sent over three images and a question to discuss. My question- How can I keep exploring contemporary issues with historical evidence? The process- Working through a... Continue Reading →

Taking a breath to explore connections

MA2 Studio practice. Margins and marginalisation: Art and the black perspective. 30.03.19 I have been thinking about the term connections, and how it links to my contextual studies. The connection between the artist or maker and their art, the link between the art and the audience and the link between the audience and the artist.... Continue Reading →

Testing your boundaries 6- A response

MA2 Studio practice Testing your boundaries: Margins and Marginalisation 17.03.19 I discussed 'my' project this week with my cohort. In this presentation, I explained the background for creating and developing this project, my passion for exposure for my students and their artwork, over my own and my determination to see this project through. I felt... Continue Reading →

Testing your boundaries 5- Presentation

MA2 Studio practice Testing your boundaries: Margins and Marginalisation 11.03.19 The journey: Breaking the boundaries My school is owned by a national oil company that supplies 90% of the wealth to the country. This is an impressive figure seeing as in 2011, the company brought in over 107 billion US dollars into the country. My... Continue Reading →


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